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The Hot 5 Music Podcast Returns!

The Hot 5 Music Podcast Re-launches 3rd Jan 2024.

So after a 6 month lay off (explained in a previous post) The Hot 5 music podcast is COMING BACK!

We have season 1 already prepped and will be recording it over the next few days, the first episode will be available on Jan 3rd!

The format for The Hot 5 music podcast returns and is also changing to how it started life originally.

The Hot 5 will now be produced in a seasonal format, comprising of 12 episodes and a special at the end of each season.

The special episode will feature our 5 favourite No 1's of the season, resulting in a song that will be the season ultimate No1!

We were going to start before xmas, but then thought why not start the new year and get xmas and the new year celebrations out of the way!

All song submissions that come in now, will be put into the selection pool for songs to be chosen for season 2.

Because of the new format, it won't always be the latest releases played, but with more focus on people knowing that these amazing artists exist!

All The Best

Pod Duck


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